What our customers have said...

We've collected a few accolades along the way. I thought it would be good to share some here, each of these kudos is from a real customer and was unsolicited, we're very proud of our support level..

Chris Cane - Amjo Corp President

Thank you for being the ideal consumer care person. My late husband was involved in total quality in his business, and would have approved highly of how you treat your customers. Happy holidays to you and Cheryl.  

PL West Springfield, Massachusetts

Dear Chris & Cheryl,

Thank-you so much for calling us , since speaking to you it has really put our minds at rest that we did 'accidentally' get the right kind of bulb after all! I have used it - all very easy and straightforward. Sorry we have been such a pain, oh and thanks for the wiring info, knowing our luck we would have wired the plug wrong after guessing and blown the whole machine up! I'll keep you posted on how its all going if you're interested. I'm so glad we found you guys, you have saved us so much hassle and your customer service has been absolutely excellent i shall heartily recommend you to anyone else requiring any UVB lamps. Thanks again Chris and Cheryl.

LN Herts UK

I want to thank YOU for the expedient way in which you handled my inquiry. I must admit that I have not received this type of service anywhere in the past. I did receive my lamp yesterday and will not hesitate to do business with you in the future, thanks to you!!! Today I received the emergency flashlight from you and was even further delighted. Thank you again for everything. Please make sure the one who signs your paycheck receives a copy of this. 

Take care, - Sallie 

Dear Ms. Cane,

Thank you so much for responding to my problem so quickly. It is really wonderful to work with a company where a real person actually answers the phone, and problems are dealt with so efficiently...

Even though there were minor problems with my order, I was very happy with how they were handled, and I will definitely recommend your company to other people. Thanks again for your help. You seem to have a terrific organization.


MC Mt Pleasant, South Carolina