Hand Held - Medical Woods Lights

Our medical woods lights are made in the USA and are qualified for in hospital / emergency room use. These have three pin plugs and and improved user protection. Budget woods lamps  are not  recommended for in-hospital use.

Hand Held Medical Woods Lights - UVA Black Lights

Hand Held - Budget Woods Lamps
The 'budget' models include a round very easy use 18 Watt lamp and a four lamp rectangular lamp both complete with magnifying lenses. These units are not 'hospital grade' and are recommended for clinics, veterinarians and home use.

Hand Held Woods Lights - UVA Black Lights

Export - Models for use with 220V Power
Many countries use 220/230V Electrical Power and our USA 110V / 115V models above will not work in those countries without suitable transformers. Our medical lamps are available for use at 220V / 230V.

Hand Held Woods Lights For Export - UVA Black Lights

Battery Powered Portable/Pocket Woods Lamp
Our battery powered units are great to carry in your pocket or purse. They lack the magnifier that's part of many of our lamps but they do offer a UVA Light source at 365 nm when and where you need it.

Hand Held Battery Powered Woods Lights - UVA Black Lights