WL-UV502 Black Light Burton Woods Light ***
The UV502 is Burton's UVA Black Light for in hospital use, here in the USA. These lamps are mae in the USA by Philips/Burton Industries and meet the highest hospital requirements.

Burton UV522 Woods Lamp 220V

WL-UV503 Dual Purpose White/Black Lamp ***
The UV523 is Burton's COMBINATION UVA Black Light and Bright White Inspection Lamp  for usein hospitals here in the USA Thise unit are 110-115V / 60 Hz.

Burton / Philips UV523 220 Volt Dual Purpose

WL-UV-501 - UVA Illuminator ***
This is an illuminator ONLY and has no magnifying lens. It can be used for a variety of UVA inspection requirements. It doed require 110-115V V / 60 Hz

UVA Woods Light Source

*** Please note: Although Philips/Burton products are clearly "Hospital Quality." It is important to note that the UV502, 503 and the 501 Illuminator are not UL Listed and some hospital biomed departments may reject these items. All returned products are subject to a 25% Restocking Fee.