About Us
A home business done right!
imageWe are truly an interesting small company. The photo to the left is of Chris and Cheryl Cane, the founders and co-owners of Amjo Corp.

Amjo surprises many people when we describe our successes year over year. We got our start in May of 1998 when someone dared us to make a website to sell facial sunlamps. This first website was and is It is now only a small fraction of our total business and today we focus on UVB Phototherapy products, anti-smoking products, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and others too numerous to list here.

Some of our othe websites are:
We are a home based business, the two owners Chris and Cheryl Cane have been married for over forty years and they have a magical formula that has allowed them to work as a partnership for over ten years running Amjo smoothly since 1998.

Some products are stocked locally but the vast majority are shipped by our vendors (drop-shipped) directly to you. This allows us to operate with minimal staff to pack and ship inventory and the product is only shipped once, reducing costs and risk of damage. It is our vendors that make us successful.